I started a new food related tumblr eating at every restaurant on South 1st street in Austin. Two down, tonnes to go: foodverses.com. Poems by Bree. Images by David.


El Mercado

World Peace Through Tex-Mex—
the brightly colored menu boasts;
though things are often more complex.

The broken mirror mural reflects
the way speech can dissolve like ghosts,
whispering, world peace through Tex-Mex.

David hates bar lime, and when he objects,
I remind him this place is three stars at most—
though things are often more complex.

Four dollar Mexican martinis yield effects                
that linger and bubble like foam on seacoasts—
World peace through Tex-Mex.

Our vagrant waiter brings our checks,
as the family with the newborn toasts.
Though things are often more complex,

tonight, it’s a simple matter of prospects—
And for a minute I believe, almost,                                       
in the possibility of world peace through Tex-Mex,
though things are often more complex.