Decided to walk into the trees behind some houses. Found trails. It’s 77 out here. A good day. #austin #atx #dog (at My Neighborhood Park)

Ice Day #austin #atx #iceday #dog

Snowman #austin #atx #dog

Manny loves the snow. #austin #atx #dog

Snow day! #austin #atx #cat

An SUV swerved into the street sign on my corner. #austin #atx


Cento for Jovitas
Surrounded by coming and going aromas,
cinnamon eyes celebrate.
A marriage of substances—
they are this night, this music.
Slime sparkles in the pool— in the streets
papers and leaves are chased
with resentment.
Kiwi begins to shine and throb—
the juice unsullied and glazed.
I love you like the sharp tang
of fermentation, like blissful pulp,
oozing, bittersweet.
We linger after dinner, vaguely
talking— spellbound
by the intermittent noise of dishes.
(Lines from: Ramón López Velarde, Víctor Terán, Coral Bracho and Octavio Paz)


Freddie’s Place


Rainy day puddles,
mimosas in plastic cups—
sweet, crisp perfection
when waffle meets fried chicken—
addiction begins here.


Dog birthday parties—
Terriers at two tables
eat treats beneath feet.
Pork chops compliment waffles—
Freddie’s cures hangovers.


Elizabeth Street Cafe

It was all pink bubbles—
evening forgets troubles, sometimes
they dissolve in his eyes.
Noodles twirl between rhymes like strands
of stray hair in her hands.
Hot broth warms, the crowd stands and waits,
a chef perfects his plates.
A macaroon creates surprise,
beautiful in bite size—
nutty flavors reprise and shine.
The finale divine—
a glass of rosé wine doubles.


Little Mexico

Kids bear roses
in the menu photo.
Margaritas only frozen.
Check slow.


G’s Dynamite Deli

There once was a deli whose menu had no corned beef
The lack of this sandwich caused us much grief
The psychedelic art on the walls was bad
The delicious marble rye made us glad
Flaming hearts and missing meats made our visit very brief!

Saul Williams #austin (Taken with instagram)