Genelec & Memphis Reigns – Scorpion Circles
Hip Hop Infinity Recordings, 2002

Another download of an old album I did the cover for. To go along with my cover illustration for this one, rather than photograph actual scorpions I took a series of macro photos of overgrown potato sprouts.

Fishin' In Troubled Waters

Fishin' In Troubled Waters

The first album cover I ever made: Hip Hop Infinity’s Fishin’ In Troubled Waters compilation from 2001. Download the album here.

Track Listing:
1. mcenroe feat. Birdapres “One More Tomorrow”
2. FuseONE “Trail Of Despair”
3. Mars ILL “My Life”
4. Logic “Dull Day”
5. Lost Won “Suicide Diaries”
6. Pip Skid “I Rap, You Listen”
7. iCON The Mic King “Insight”
8. JAQ “Testament”
9. Genelec & Memphis Reigns “Ground Zero”
10. The Unseen “Beyond Addiction”
11. Paradigm “Freedom Fighters”
12. soso feat. Epic “Blessed”
13. Erosadis “Rotten Apple”
14. Starving Artists Crew “Transitions”

#UGSMAG Fun Fact of the Day: Even though they were our competitors (back when ugsmag had an online store, RIP) i designed the sites/logos for both Hip Hop Infinity and UGSMAG. Here are a couple of hideously ugly and old screenshots of the two sites. I ended up doing the HHI website/logo (one of my first and ugliest designs) after winning a competition Jay Seagraves held to redesign the site’s header, i think I got like $50, and that led to me redoing the rest of the site to match.